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ERIE 2017 Keynote Lecture I

Monika Mandelíčková

She is a graduate of the Faculty of Arts of Palacky University in Olomouc. Within the studies she took part in Erasmus program at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium, research stay at University of Minnesota v Minneapolis, participated in Curriculum Resource Center at Central European University in Budapest and Civic Educational Project for doctoral students. In 2012 she finished her Ph.D. studies in Czech modern history and studies of school management.

Her teaching experience ranks among primary school, secondary (grammar) school and university. Between 2012-2015 she worked as a deputy headmaster of Deblin primary school, Czech Republic, participated in writing textbooks focused on place-based education. She takes part in the project of Euroclio Strategies for Inclusion in History and Civic Education.

She is a coordinator of Open School Space project in Brno, Czech Republic (Labyrinth - laboratory school, community centre, junior hub and international festival of education Eduspace Brno). She cooperates with Masaryk University in Brno and Palacky University in Olomouc.

ERIE 2017 Keynote Lecture II

Alberts Prikulis

Alberts Prikulis (Lead researcher, University of Latvia) is familiar with the academic process, its policies and strategies and its internal and external evaluation from several viewpoints: through practical experience as a lecturer, through ministerial work in the department responsible for higher education and teacher training, coordination of international cooperation in the field of Education, participation in projects concerning Bologna process, active involvement in discussions concerning implementation of Bologna principles, and evaluation of study programmes and institutions. Publications in the fields of Chemistry, Didactics, Quality assurance. At present is an institutional team leader in a project aimed at implementation of QA in institutions in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and in a project devoted to teaching performance.

The theme of the presentation is: "Practice of involvement of lecturers in quality assurance of the academic process". Involvement of teaching staff in all the aspects of quality assurance is crucial for appreciation of the academic process by students and other stakeholders. The report provides an insight on awareness of lecturers about the European standards and guidelines and following them in their daily activities. Based on observations in a few HEIs in Latvia, and information from European projects. Examples of good practice and of problematic issues concerning quality culture.


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