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Published manuscript may comprise an empirical study using an acceptable research strategy, such as survey, case study, experiment, archival analysis, etc. It may contain a theoretical study aimed at advancing current theory or adapting theory to local conditions or it may arise from theoretical studies aimed at reviewing and/or synthesizing existing theory. Concepts and underlying principles should be emphasized, with enough background information to orient any reader who is not a specialist in the particular subject area. Moreover, please keep in mind, that review study will not be accepted in the conference proceedings. However, review study can be presented in the poster section of the conference.

The manuscript should be focused on at least one of the following topics:

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Alternative Costs Benefits
Alternative 1 12 20
Alternative 2 14 17
Alternative 3 8 15
Table 1: The name of the table, 2000-2012 (source: own calculation)

Figure 1: The name of the figure, 2000-2012 (source: Adair, 1988)



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