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ERIE 2016 Keynote Lecture I

Jarmila Novotná

Prof. Jarmila Novotná is a professor at Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Education, Czech Republic. Habilitée a diriger des recherches at l´Université Bordeaux 2 in France, she is a Chercheur titulaire at CeDS (Cultures et Diffusion des Savoirs), Université Bordeaux Segalen, France.

Her main fields of interest are didactical conditions of transformation of students’ models of activities when grasping knowledge and skills, pre- and in-service training of mathematics teachers for their profession and transfer of research results into practice. The main theoretical background of her research is Brousseau’s Theory of Didactical Situations.

Jarmila Novotná has been an IPC member of several important international scientific events (at present e.g. ICME 2016, ICMI Study 23, ECEL 2016, SEMT ´17 and ICTMT 12). She is author or co-author of several book chapters, articles and textbooks and member of national and international project teams in the field of mathematics education.

ERIE 2016 Keynote Lecture II

Mikuláš Luptáčik

Prof. Mikuláš Luptáčik is the dean of the Faculty of National Economy at the University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia. Further, Prof. Mikuláš Luptáčik is a Professor and Head of the Department of Economic Policy, University of Economics Bratislava, Emeritus professor at the Department of Economics, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna. Last but not least, Prof. Mikuláš Luptáčik is a visiting Professor at the Comenius University Bratislava, Institute for Applied Mathematics and Head of the Institute for Industrial Research.

His main field of interest is mathematical applications in economic analysis. He is a member of many societies: Austrian Society for Operations Research; Austrian Mathematical Society; Austrian Economic Association;

Society for Mathematics, Economics and Operations Research; European Society for Population Economics; International Input-Output Association; International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making.

Mikuláš Luptáčik is author or co-author of many scientific papers and monographs. He is member of editorial board of six journals: Central European Journal of Operations Research; AUCO Czech Economic Review; Operations Research and Decisions; Ekonomický časopis; and Nová ekonomika.

Mikuláš Luptáčik was awarded The 1998 International Prize of the Slovak Academy of Sciences for outstanding achievements in the area of the social science and culture and Senator-Wilhelm-Wilfling Preis for outstanding scientific work in 2002.

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