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ERIE 2013 Keynote Lecture I

Prof. Tadeusz Trzaskalik

ProfesorTadeusz Trzaskalik graduated in 1973 from University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland, with a degree of mathematics. Since 1975 he has been employed at the University of Economics in Katowice, Poland. He obtained his Ph.D. (1980), habilitation (1991) and professorship (1999) in the field of operational research. In 1996-1999 he served as Vice-Rector in charge of international relations. In 1999-2006 he was Director of Ph.D. studies. Since 1999 he has been the Head of the Department of Operational Research. Since 2007 he has been also Director of International Postgraduate Studies in Project Management. At the same time, in 1991-2004 he was employed at the University of Łódź and in 1991-1996 he was the Head of Department of Operational Research.

The focus of his research is the field of multicriteria decision making and dynamic programming. He is an author o f many articles published in such periodicals and series as: “ASAC”, “CEJORE”, “EJOR”, “Engineering Costs and Economics”, “Foundation on Computing and Decision Science INFOR”, “Mathematics Today”, “Operations Research and Decision”, “Research on Finance”, “Springer Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems”, and “Statistical Review”. He is an author and editor of many books, including: Multicriteria Dynamic Programming. Theory and Economic Applications (1990), Multiobjective Analysis in Dynamic Environment (1998), Multiobjective Programming and Goal Programming. Recent Developments (2002), Computer-assisted Introduction to Operational Research (2003, 2008), Multicriteria Methods on Polish Financial Market (2006), and the series Preference Modeling versus Risk and Multiple Criteria Decision Making.

He organized and chaired the Fourth International Conference on Multiobjective Programming and Goal Programming. Theory and Applications (2000). He has been the Chair of the national conference “Preference Modeling versus Risk” and the Chair of “International Workshop on Multicriteria Decision Making”.

He is a member of the Polish Mathematical Society (President of the Commission of Mathematical Education in Economy, 1999-2006; Vice President of the Upper-Silesian chapter of the Society since 2004), INFORMS (Vice President of the Polish Chapter since 2001) and the International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making. He was a member of the scientific committee of many scientific conferences as well as a member of the editorial board of four scientific journals.

Selected publications:
  • Nowak, M., Trzaskalik, T.(2012) Interactive procedure for a multiobjective stochastic discrete dynamic problem.Journal of Global Optimization, pp. 1-16. Article in Press.
  • Trzaskalik, T., Sitarz, S. (2007) Discrete dynamic programming with outcomes in random variable structures. European Journal of Operational Research, 177 (3), pp. 1535-1548.

Dr. Tomasz Wachowicz

Doctor Tomasz Wachowicz graduated in 1999 from the University of Economics in Katowice (Poland) with a degree in management science. In 2000 he joined a PhD program at the University of Economics in Katowice and obtained his PhD in 2004 having defended the thesis entitled: “Quantitative Methods in Modeling Business-to-Business Negotiation”. Since 2005 he has been employed in the Department of Operations Research at the University of Economics in Katowice.

The main focus of his research is the negotiation analysis. He is an author of scientific papers on negotiation support, negotiation support systems, multiple criteria decision making, game theory and project management.

In 2003 he participated in international scientific project „Electronic Negotiation, Media And Transactions For Socio-Economic Interactions” at University of Ottawa, and later took part in a few projects founded by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (PMSHE). In 2009, together with professor Gregory Kersten (InterNeg Research Centre, Montreal), he initiated an international research project “GRIN – Global Research in Inspire Negotiations”. Nowadays he leads a three-year research project “Negotiators’ Preference Analysis and Support“ supported by PMSHE.

He cooperates with international research centers and universities such as InterNeg Research Centre (Canada), Vienna University of Technology (Austria), University of Valenciennes (France), University of Economics in Prague (Czech Republic) and University of Malaga (Spain).

He is a head of organizing committee of the cyclical national conference “Preference Modeling Versus Risk” and “International Workshop on Multiple Criteria Decision Making”. He is also a member of the INFORMS Section on Group Decision and Negotiation, International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making, EURO Working Group on Multi-Criteria Decision Aiding and EURO Working Group on Decision Support Systems.

Selected publications:
  • Wachowicz, T., Błaszczyk, P. (2012) TOPSIS Based Approach to Scoring Negotiating Offers in Negotiation Support Systems. Group Decision and Negotiation, pp. 1-30. Article in Press.
  • Brzostowski, J., Wachowicz, T. (2012) Applying case-based reasoning for identifying the negotiation profile of electronic negotiation system users. ICORES 2012 - Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Operations Research and Enterprise Systems, pp. 48-58.
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